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White dragon temple in Bangkok
Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
Beach by the portland coast
My dog riding shotgun with me
The alley ways of Kyoto
White dragon temple in Bangkok
At Angor Wat temple in Cambodia
Sunrise hike Ubud, Bali
Short hike in North Vancouver

About Me..🙋🏽

My name is Romanson La but you can call me Rome for short. Currently, I’m a UI/UX Designer at The Acquisition Group. I am a curious product designer that has a good understanding of the human experience as my background in hospitality allows me to create useful and effective products that empower people to accomplish their goals, making the digital experiences simple and easy.

In early 2019, I took a leap from my comfort zone and decided to go to school full time at BCIT for New Media Design & Web Development. Through hard work, time management, early mornings, and many critiques and iterations from my teachers and peers, I graduated and came out with more knowledge about the industry and was successful in landing a 3 month internship as a UI/UX designer with Witty Cookie in Vancouver, Canada.

My Design Process..💡

At the very core, I strive to find opportunities for cohesion by translating business and user needs into tangible designs but my thinking also expands through the delivery of my projects as I take into consideration the requirements and business rules and how my work affects cross-functional teams. I like to create an efficient and effective system when passing the torch to my fellow designers and developers as the key to my success is collaborating through transparency.

I do believe that design is never finished, but it is important to recognize a good stopping point. My process is not constantly the same or always linear because I am an agile thinker who designs with the flow.

When I'm Not Designing..✈️

I am often found in the kitchen munching on cookies and looking through the fridge to get myself excited about my next meal – IF I am not suffering from stomach pain.

I am listening and categorizing my music into reggaeton, everyday jams, and old school RnB.

I am at the gym burning calories and regretting all the food I consumed (thinking about what I get to eat next.)

I am travelling and soaking in the culture of a new country (15 counting with the most recent trip to Paris, France)